Ulcinj is located in the southern region of Montenegro, it boarders with Adriatic Sea, Skadar Lake, Republic of Albania and city of Bar. Being very rich in history and culture, it is one of the most well developed multi-cultural city in Balkans. Its origin dates back from Illyrians, followed by Hellenic, Roman and lastly Ottoman Empire which have mostly influenced the history of this city through years. Today, Ulcinj represents the soul of Adriatic and Mediterranean culture, inhabited by 20 00 people, mostly specialized in hospitality, tourism and agriculture.

Once being the city of pirates, olive trees and 365 churches, today represents the perfect place where to get inspired and fulfill the relaxing stay. Inside the old city, where he was kept in captivity, Miguel de Cervantes was inspired to write his well-known novel, “Don Quixote.”

Ulcinj has 14 km of sandy beaches, more than 2 km of rocky beaches, rich nightlife and amazing gastro offer, which will surely touch all your senses.

Today Ulcinj is the biggest producer of Tangerine, olive oil, salt and beautiful memories in Montenegro. Being as well one of the most suitable regions of kitesurf, birdwatching and sport preparations, our city has all that is necessary to be on your bucket list. Ulcinj’s favorable climate and geographical conditions are perfect for the development of water sports (kite surfing, surfing, diving, ect.), mountain sports (hiking, paragliding, mountain biking), fishing, hunting ect. The guests should enjoy a range of healthy lifestyle activities and programs irrespective of the season and climate conditions throughout the year.


“There are no strangers here, only friends you have not yet met…”

From Ulcinj with ♡

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The Old Town and Its Amazing Sunset Colors